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Family Clinic of Fort Collins

1212 E Elizabeth St

Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Patient Care Hours

Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm

New extended Monday and Tuesday evening hours till 7pm


For life threatening emergencies, call 911.

Welcome to the Family Clinic of Fort Collins

Welcome to the Family Clinic of Fort Collins. We are a group of family practice physicians, taking care of patients and their families in Northern Colorado since 1974. The physicians and staff of the Family Clinic have deep roots in the community, as well as long standing relationships with local physician specialists, various therapists, and complimentary medicine providers. We are here to help you achieve your individual health and wellness goals, at all stages of life, from times of illness to striving toward optimum health. If you are an established patient, then we thank you for trusting us to care for you and your family. And if you are visiting the website to learn more about us, then we thank you for taking the initiative to improve your health, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

******Moving to an Electronic Health Record******

As of August 2015, the Family Clinic will (gulp!) start using our first electronic health record, EPIC. This is the system used by the University of Colorado, and a highly regarded system. However, the transition to a first electronic record is notoriously slow and involves a learning curve. Please be patient with us as we start this process, which will entail us being a bit slower in the room with you, as well as being a bit slower with scheduling in general as we get used to using the system. We appreciate your patience!

Sorry for the long waits...

We at the Family Clinic have long prided ourselves on having patients be able to get in to see us on an expeditious basis. We are sadly aware of how long the wait has become to get in for an appointment. This bothers us as much as it bothers you! Please be patient with us, as we search for another doctor to come join the fold. It takes time to find someone just right to help care for you and your family. We will keep you posted.

Welcome to our new doctor!!

The Family Clinic is extremely pleased to announce the arrival of a new doctor to join our family here. Dr. Julie Devita-Bailey started seeing patients in October 2014. Please check out her bio under Our Physician tab. You may call now to schedule appointments with her. And thanks for your patience as we found a new doctor to be part of our team taking care of you.

Learn more about us...


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A farewell to Dr. Steve Thorson...

After over 40 years of dedicated and compassionate care for the patients of Northern Colorado, Dr. Thorson has finally journeyed forth into retirement (we kept him here as long as we could!). There's just too much skiing and golfing he wants to do, for us in the office to keep him here forever! We wish Dr. Thorson all the best in this next stage of life. And obviously, we will gladly continue to provide ongoing care for all of his patients already established here in the office (and we extend to you our condolences for your doctor retiring on you!).

A big thank you to Dr. Ed Bender...


After 37 years of caring, compassion, and dedication to his patients and the community, Dr. Ed Bender has retired as of December 31st, 2013 (in spite of all our attemtps to keep him here in the office!). It is with our warmest regards that we wish him a peaceful and wonderful retirement. The Family Clinic also wants to thank you in the community for all the well wishes you have sent to Dr. Ed as he approached his retirement. 


The physicians of the Family Clinic will continue to care for all of Dr. Bender's patients with complete continuity, especially as many of his patients have already had an opportunity to meet one of the other doctors here already. We know we have awfully big shoes to fill!!