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Family Clinic of Fort Collins

1212 E Elizabeth St

Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Patient Care Hours

Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm

Occasional Tuesday evening clinic hours are available.


For life threatening emergencies, call 911.

Welcome to the Family Clinic of Fort Collins

Welcome to the Family Clinic of Fort Collins. We are a group of family practice physicians, taking care of patients and their families in Northern Colorado since 1974. The physicians and staff of the Family Clinic have deep roots in the community, as well as long standing relationships with local physician specialists, various therapists, and complimentary medicine providers. We are here to help you achieve your individual health and wellness goals, at all stages of life, from times of illness to striving toward optimum health. If you are an established patient, then we thank you for trusting us to care for you and your family. And if you are visiting the website to learn more about us, then we thank you for taking the initiative to improve your health, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

******Moving to an Electronic Health Record******

As of August 2015, the Family Clinic has started using our first electronic health record, EPIC. This is the system used by the University of Colorado, and a highly regarded system. However, the transition to a first electronic record is notoriously slow and involves a learning curve. Please be patient with us as we start this process, which will entail us being a bit slower in the room with you, as well as being a bit slower with scheduling in general as we get used to using the system. We appreciate your patience!

Welcome to Dr. Mitch Janasek...

We would like to extend a huge welcome to Dr. Mitch Janasek. Dr. Mitch joined the practice in May 2016.

Please see "Our Physicians" to learn more about our newest physician.

Welcome to Dr. Scarlet Sparkuhl Delia...

We would like to extend another huge welcome, to Dr. Scarlet Sparkuhl Delia. She has joined the practice as of August 31, 2016.

Please see "Our Physicians" to learn more about her.

Best of Luck to Dr. Butler...

After years of caring for patients here at the Family Clinic, Dr. Butler is now in her own private practice (as of October 2016), focusing on wholistic and alternative medicine care.


All of her patients already established at the Family Clinic will continue to be under the ongoing care of the other physicians here at the clinic.

The Family Clinic is currently CLOSED to new patients (Boo...)

We know that our long standing patients have suffered through longer than usual wait times to schedule with us. This is due to several factors, including physician retirements (Dr. Ed Bender and then Dr. Steve Thorson),  your tremendous loyalty, and word of mouth new patient growth. The Family Clinic has always prided ourselves on getting you seen as fast as we can (and we greatly value your loyalty during this busy time we have been in). 

Our physician group is extremely pleased to be joined by Dr. Mitch Janasek (as of May 2016) and Dr. Scarlet Sparkuhl Delia (as of September 2016). However, we still feel a doc or two short of where we would ideally be, and finding an ideal match is harder than you might think!

And we are all too well aware that wait times to get a visit are still well above what you deserve, and what we hope to provide.

As a result, we have decided to close to "new" patients at this time.

This will allow us to provide high quality and expeditious care to the patients that have already entrusted us with seeing to their health care needs.

We are still accepting new pediatric patients (and families of existing patients, by special exception only).

We do continue to see our patients that "age into" Medicare. Otherwise, we are not seeing "new" Medicare patients.


And to our loyal, long standing patients, we thank you for the trust that you continue to place in us. It is our great pleasure to help care for your health needs.

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