The Family Clinic of Fort Collins
The Family Clinic of Fort Collins

Telehealth (Virtual Visits)

Now you can visit with your provider using your computer, smart phone, or tablet at your own convenince.

*Established patient ONLY*

 Monday - Friday 8 am-5 pm

About Visits:

All visits can include the following:

- Non-Emergent Visits

- Medication Checks

- Follow Up Appointments


If you are uncertain if a Telehealth appointment will for you, call us at (970) 482-2791 to speak with our front desk staff who will answer any questions you may have.

What to Expect:

(Patient Instructions for a Home Virtual Visit)


Before Your Telehealth Appointment:

- Sign up for My Health Connection
- Download the My Health Connection app (UCHEALTH) on your mobile device if you plan to use it for the telehealth visit.
- No need to download anything if using a computer.
- Complete e-Check In at least 15 min. before your telehealth appointment. (ex: Appt. is at 11:00am, e-Check in no later than 10:45am)
- Sign the telehealth consent on My Health Connection PRIOR to your appointment.

15-20 Min. Before the Time of Your Appointment:
- Get comfortable in a private location
- Log into your My Health Connection account. (Ensure that you are only logged in on one
device and not multiple devices such as your phone and computer)

- Click on “View your instructions for appointment”
- Click on the “E-Check in” then Review and Sign Telehealth Consent
- Click on the highlighted message “Join Your Room”
- Once on the Vidyo page place your name in the text box
- Then click “Join”

Tips For a Successful Visit:
- Smartphones are preferred. If using a Mac computer, download Google Chrome, as Safari is not supported.
- Make sure to download My Health Connection/UCHealth App on the mobile device you wish to do your Telehealth visit from. Otherwise you will not be able to join the room (example: smartphone, tablet, iPad)
- Being logged into My Health Connection on more than one device, such as your phone and computer at the same time may cause audio issues.
- If your Internet connection is not strong enough to play a video, the visit will break up and be unclear.
- If you are using your cell phone for the visit and then answer a call after you have joined the video room, this will cause audio errors. To fix this, you will need to end the virtual visit and go back in and join again.
- Make sure your mute button is off and your sound is turned up.


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For life threatening emergencies; CALL 911.

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